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1.Malawi Cement Clinker Production Line

2.Yemen Hodeidah Cement Grinding Plant

3.Silica Sand Grinding Plant for Indonesia NBIP Company

4.Cement Grinding Plant for Bangladesh Luopala Cement Plant

5.Pozzolan Compound Fertilizer Grinding Plant for Yemen TEHAMAH CEMENT Co., Ltd

6.Mymanmar Deye Cement Grinding Plant Project

7.Cement Grinding Plant for Kuwait ACIOO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

8.Russia Amur Region Cement Grinding Plant

9.Cement Grinding Plant for Brazil Cia. de Cimento Itambé

10.Cement Grinding Plant for Companhia Brasileira de Materiais de Construcao Ltda

11.Brazil Indústria de Cimentos de Alagoas Ltda.

12.Cement Grinding Plant for Greece Kozani Co., Ltd

13.Cement Grinding Plant for Duba Bangladesh Cement Co., Ltd

14.Bolivia Cement Grinding Plant Project

15.Cement Grinding Plant for Bangladesh Shah Cement Plant

16.Cement Grinding Plant for Indonesia Jakarta Cement Co., Ltd

17.Vertical roller mill grinding line for Kuche Huixin Slag Powder Co., Ltd

18.Vertical Kiln Production Line for Vietnam X18 Cement Plant

19.Vertical Kiln Production Line for Nepal NIGALE Cement Co., Ltd

20.Vertical Kiln Production Line for Vietman 519 Cement Plant

21.Aerated concrete Project for Dezhou New Environmental Material Co., Ltd

22.Compound fertilizer Production Line for pt.avrayaserpong

23.Compound fertilizer Production Line for PT.SRI REJEKI FERTILIZER

24.Compound Fertilizer Production Line for Kenya Jiaoji Chemical Co., Ltd

25.Lime Production Line for Vietnam Hanam Lime Co., Ltd

26.Lime Production Line for Azerbaijan GEMIKAYA Group

27.Lime Production Line for Xinjiang Zhengda Calcium Industry Co., Ltd

28.Production Line for Brazil Cal Norte Nordeste S.A.

29.Slag grinding plant for Bangladesh Anwar Cement Co., Ltd

30.Super fine slag grinding plant for Ji'an Huixin Co., Ltd

31.power drying system for Russia KIMKAN Iron Ore Plant

32.Cement Production Line for Nepal NIGALE Cement Co., Ltd

33.Cement Production Lline for MPC Co., Ltd

34.Mymanmar Dragon Cement Production Line Project

35.Cement production line exectued by Myanmar hydroelectronic generation dept.

36.Mymanmar MAX Cement Production Line Project

37.Mymanmar MCI Cement Production Line Project



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