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Heavy type apron feeder
Heavy type apron feeder
Jiangsu Pengfei Group produce small, medium and heavy apron feeder. They are individually suitable for evenly continuous supplying or conveying material to crusher or other working machinery or other containers in horizontal and inclined section: small feeder is not larger than 1200kg/m3, block weight doesn’t exceed 140kg, the temperature of different blocks, particles and bulk material is not higher than 350℃.
Medium feeder is not larger than 2400kg/m3, block weight doesn’t exceed 500kg, temperature of different bulk material is not larger than 400℃. The specification of heavy apron feeder has the 1000、1250、1500、2000、2500、3150mm groove width, length is 420m and the capacity is 60-200m/h.
Apron feeder is widely used for mining, cement, chemical and metallurgy enterprises during the process of choosing, transportation and batching, etc. It is suitable for large & medium cement production line for bulk, block or generous material feeding process. It could convey large block and it could work reliably in high temperature & high wet adverse circumstances.
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Heavy type apron feeder
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