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3000t/d Rotary Kiln Cement Production Line

一、If you need to build a cement production line, we will plan for you according to the following parts:

Price (10000 USD)
Raw materials drying and transportation system
Raw material homogenization and proportion system
Raw material grinding and waste gas treatment
Raw meal homogenization silo and raw meal feeding into kiln system
Burning kiln tail
Burning kiln middle
Burning kiln head
Coal power conveying, preparation and measuring system
Clinker storage and transportation
Cement proportion silo
Cement grinding and transportation
Cement storage and transportation
Cement packing system
Center controlled laboratory
Compressed air station
Expansion joint
Refractory materials
First lubricating oil, cleaning agent and washing oil
CO analyzer
Heat insulating material
Electrical and automation engineering
water supply and sewerage works
Non-standard materials
Design fee
Installation fee
Fee for technical service
(Cost during installation and debugging)
Guidance fee of technical experts for test run


1. Crusher
Feed size ≤ 1,200 × 1,200 × 1,500mm. This 3000tpd cement production line uses double-shaft hammer crusher with low power consumption and wear rate. The hammers, liners and grates are made of strong and wear-resistant materials for long service life, and the system is not susceptible to blockage. Open-type crusher casing facilitates maintenance and repair.

2. Stacker and reclaimer
Our cement manufacturing line is equipped with cantilever stacker and bridge type reclaimer. The stacker and the reclaimer can travel smoothly, with drive units used for easy adjustment of the travelling speed. Stacking conveyor on the cantilever is designed with reliable and flexible elevating unit for automatic adjustment of conveyor height. Scraper of the reclaimer is made of high-strength and wear-resistant material to ensure its long service life.

3. Raw mill
As for the raw mill required by our cement manufacturing line, its type, size and required main motor power will be decided based on the grindability test. The parts susceptible to wear in the mill such as casing liner, roller tyres, nozzle ring, roller shaft bushing, blades and shaft bushing etc. for separator will be made of wear-resistant materials to ensure a long service life.

The separator, which is high in separation efficiency and low in pressure loss, is equipped with flexible and reliable adjustment mechanism and drive unit.

The reducer of the raw mill is bevel gear planetary reducer. The reducer must be equipped with central lubrication station with good sealing effect to avoid oil leakage and improve reliability in operation. The lubrication station includes oil pump and standby oil pump, oil cooler, oil heater, oil filter, flowmeter, overflow valve, shut-off valve, check valve, pressure relief valve, thermometer, pressure gauge, oil level indicator, pipe fittings and corresponding electric control equipment, etc.

4. High-temperature fan
The high temperature fan of our cement production line is reliable in performance, high in efficiency, with flat performance curve and wide high-efficiency zone. The working efficiency in normal operation is about 83%. The maximum exhaust gas temperature allowed is up to 350~400°C (the peak temperature of ID fan is up to 450°C) for the high temperature fan.

The casing of high temperature fan is neatly welded, and is solid against deformation. The rotor of the fan is reasonably shaped, and is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant material. The rotor needs to pass the non-destructive test and go through dynamic and static balancing adjustment. The fan can run smoothly with low noise and vibration, will not deform after long-time operation.

The fan is equipped with necessary lubrication, cooling, sealing, monitoring and protection devices. It consists of the rotor, casing, inlet chamber, frame, bearing seat, coupling, lubrication unit, protection cover, and foundation base plate (including motor base plate, barring device, anchor bolts, etc.).

5. Rotary kiln
The outlet protection block of the kiln necessary for the cement manufacturing line is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant material, and is easy for replacement and maintenance. The inlet protection block is also made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant material.

Inlet and outlet sealing devices are designed to accommodate the radial and axial movement of the kiln. Several sealing options are available, and lamella seals in kiln inlet and outlet are recognized and recommended.

Kiln attachment and support parts:
Kiln tyre: made of normalized cast steel and designed with rectangular solid cross section.
Support roller: made of normalized cast steel. Bearing of the support roller is lubricated with oil spoons, and is cooled in the spherical bushing with cooling water. The bushing of supporting roller is made of aluminum bronze.
Automatic monitoring system with indicator: provided for monitoring temperature of the bearing.
Rotary kiln: equipped with hydraulic thrust roller.
Girth gear: made of normalized cast steel, and connected with the kiln shell using tangential-arranged spring plates.
Pinion: treated with tempered steel forging, and rolling-element bearing is adopted. Gear cover with labyrinth sealing is provided for the girth gear and pinion. It’s lubricated with oil wheel.
Drive unit: covers the main motor, main reducer, pinion, auxiliary motor, auxiliary reducer, brake and clutch, couplings and coupling protection covers, bottom plate, anchor bolts and lubrication system. Main motor uses speed-regulated DC motor.


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