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1000,000 TPY Double Cement Production Lines with Two Segment
1000,000 TPY Double Cement Production Lines with Two Segment Grinding Process
   Take use the manufacturing system with two production line in parallel and in first bin. To use two Φ3.2×4.5m circle rough grinding machine instead of clinker pre-crushing machine. Power of main motor is 570kw. In 2nd bin equip with Φ3.2×13m superfine mill, while the power of main motor is 1600kw. So the power of main machine and motor are almost the same as that of single production line. While its advantages are:
1. The kind of cement is flexible. Grade of 32.5 and 42.5 could be manufactured at the same time, if demand on some type cement is large; it could produce this kind of cement in two lines at the same time. When the demand is lower of cement, take use one line for Solenhofen, another one for cement and mixed these two for use. The cost will be lower, so the profit will be higher.
2、The investment is less. The investment of double production lines equipment will be about 13 million yuan, which could save about 3 million compared to that of single production line equipment.
3、Power of motor is less, so the electricity consumption is less and production cost is lower. As pre-grinding system take use circle rough mill, power reduce 800kw compared to that of roller mill, thus 5000kw will meet the demands of cement plant. And the electricity consumption of each ton cement will be decreased from 35kwh to 26-30kwh.
4、The equipment’s output will be higher in one hour. As the diameter of Φ3.2m mill is much less than that of Φ4.2mmill, the loading of its grinder will be more compared to motor power, meanwhile more times impaction, higher efficiency of grinding. Others, as take use the circle grinding rough-grinding mill of energy-saving type double level feeding Φ3.2×13m mill which solve the problem of open-circuit mill in old processing that the surface area is higher, but qualification rate is lower. Reducing screening increasing qualification rate only could make up the defect of low output. Liaoning Beipiao Perfect Grinding Institute summed up the multi point feeding & individual grinding process which increase the qualification rate a lot on basis of understanding defect of old processing. At the same time, the equipment output increased as 25% in a hour, thus the output in a hour for the equipment is updated from the designed 60T to 75-95T and that of double production line equipment reaches 160-180T.
5、Lower clinker, lower manufacturing cost of cement products. As take use multi points feeding and individual grinding processing and equipments, fineness qualification rate increase a lot, thus the strength of cement increased a lot, and under the same cement strength standard, the volume of cement clinker could be less, volume of mixer could be more which reduce the manufacturing cost of raw material, the profit rate will be higher.
6、Increase operation rate of equipment, decrease maintenance capacity of equipment. After taking use of antifriction shaft for main machine, it could overcome the accident for production stops due to oil lack of old type antifriction shaft of mill, water-break and tile heating, after the circle rough-grinding machine replaced roller mill together with other equipments, there is only need to add grinders regularly, almost no maintenance in usual, so the operation rate will increase a lot by using these equipments.
7、Two ends setting up, multi points feeding. Another advantage compared to grinding processing is that the moisture content of clinker single grinded is less, the material feeding is less, and individual ventilation and dust collecting, so there is almost no excessive grinding. While the fineness of clinker after grinding in 1st bin will be less than 1mm, when they go into 2nd bin together with other mixer with higher moisture content for superfine grinding, this could reduce the moisture content surface area of mixture and increase grinding efficiency. That is to say these equipments has solved the defect of excessive grinding and slow flowing when the mixer with higher moisture content go into 1st bin for directly grinding.


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